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INNISFREE launches Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream

INNISFREE, the cult K beauty & renowned skincare brand launches the Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream. Designed as the ultimate anti-trouble solution, this breakthrough formula combines the potency of Retinol with the protective benefits of Defense Cica Formula, delivering unparalleled nourishment and repair to your skin. Crafted with a meticulous blend of ingredients, the Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream works synergistically to nurture and fortify the skin’s natural barriers. This holistic approach ensures effective combat against a myriad of recurring skin issues, leaving your skin resilient and rejuvenated When paired with Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule, the duo increases the skin barrier by 136% and relieves troubles and blemish scars to reveal a skin texture as smooth as a boiled egg. In just 4 weeks, it reduces the sebum production by 32.7% and pore size by 28.5%.

INNISFREE Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream

The cream’s water gel formulation represents a new era in skincare, offering a lightweight yet soothing solution. By strengthening the skin’s defense mechanism by 34%, it enhances natural resilience, transforming sensitive and troubled skin into a smooth canvas of radiant beauty. From blemishes and enlarged pores to uneven texture and excess oil, this comprehensive formula addresses a spectrum of concerns, providing holistic care that transcends surface treatments.

Discover the transformative power of nature with INNISFREE’s Retinol Cica Barrier Defense Cream and unlock the confidence that comes with healthy and radiant skin


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