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Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya’s Inspiring Journey Spotlighted in ‘The Indian EdTech Story

India, 22 February 2024: Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya – India’s only Hybrid Learning platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale, has been featured prominently in the documentary series, ‘The Indian EdTech Story,’ produced by Edstead. The series, now available and streaming on Disney + Hotstar, highlights how this EdTech has been bridging the gap between dreams and reality, achieved significant outcomes, and brought about a transformation in the educational landscape for millions of learners across India.

Our episode (number 5), titled, ‘Infinity Learn: Beyond the Horizons’, highlights the real obstacles individuals encounter in pursuit of their dreams, showcasing how diligence, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge pave the path to realizing these aspirations. The episode depicts the journey of Ujjwal Singh, Founding CEO of Infinity Learn, by Sri Chaitanya, and Vibhati Jain, Faculty (Physics) at Infinity Learn, by Sri Chaitanya – how they boldly embraced ambitious aspirations, commencing their journey from humble beginnings, confronting numerous obstacles head-on, yet triumphing over each adversity to realize their aspirations. Their mission resonates with the desire to inspire and empower learners nationwide, striving to foster measurable learning outcomes, and ensuring ‘Baccha Seekha Ki nahin?’.

“This episode resonates deep within me. It touches on my own story, the values that grounded me, and the experiences that molded my life and career in education. This industry has become my very breath, fueled by 25 years of dedication. Through this episode, we share a powerful message: whether you’re a learner or an educator, dream big, embrace challenges, and rise above them. Let’s leave a lasting mark on the world we call home. A heartfelt thank you to Edstead and Disney+ Hotstar for capturing our story and message with such beauty,” says Ujjwal Singh, Founding CEO, of Infinity Learn, by Sri Chaitanya.

Commenting on the release, Shekhar Bhattacharjee, Founder of Edstead, expressed, “The entire objective behind producing this series was to illuminate the transformation of education into an affordable and accessible realm for millions. The series not only captures the highs and lows of the EdTech sector but also underscores its ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact.”


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