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Hybon Elevators plans to hire 200+ Fresh Talents for Future Growth

New Delhi/NCR, 12th June 2024– Hybon Elevators and Escalators Pvt. Ltd., known for its expertise in electronics and engineering, is undertaking a significant recruitment drive to hire 200 new talents. This initiative demonstrates Hybon‘s dedication to innovation and workforce expansion to cater to evolving customer demands. The recruitment efforts are focused on bolstering the workforce at the company’s factories in Noida and Delhi, reflecting Hybon’s commitment to strategic growth and operational excellence.

In just a decade, the company has transformed the elevators market, providing solutions tailored to the needs of various sectors. It has installed over 4,500 elevators in diverse settings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts, malls, commercial buildings, residential apartments, villas, and farmhouses. As part of its expansion strategy, Hybon Elevators and Escalators Pvt. Ltd. is offering opportunities across multiple domains. Engineering roles are open to B. Tech. and Diploma holders in Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering. Additionally, there are openings for MBA graduates specializing in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, and IT. Technical Trades positions are also available for ITI-certified professionals with expertise in Fitting, Machining, and Electrical trades. These opportunities reflect Hybon’s commitment to nurturing talent across various disciplines, ensuring ongoing innovation and excellence.

Commenting on the hiring initiative, Mr. Ratan Sehgal, Managing Director at Hybon Elevators and Escalators Pvt. Ltd., said, “As Hybon is aiming to strengthen its workforce and propel future growth, we are excited to hire 200+ freshers. This initiative is not just about expanding our team; it’s about infusing our company with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse skills. By providing opportunities for young professionals, we are fostering excellence, driving innovation, and ensuring continuous improvement within our organization. Last year, our company saw remarkable YoY growth of about 50%, and this recruitment drive will enhance the scalability of our operations. Our commitment to nurturing new talent will not only elevate our capabilities but also contribute significantly to the development of the industry.”

Hybon is strategically achieving transformation by actively recruiting across diverse disciplines, ensuring new hires bring fresh ideas and specialized skills. Leveraging its market presence, the company attracts top talent in engineering, management, and technical trades. By integrating these perspectives, Hybon fosters continuous improvement and innovation, scaling operations to meet market demands and empowering new hires through robust training programs. For consideration, please contact us with your CV and recent photograph.


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