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How India’s Gifting Culture Is Influencing Eco-Friendly Trends Across Asia by Gaurav Bhagat, Founder and MD, Consortium Gifts


Gaurav Bhagat, Founder and Managing Director, Consortium Gifts

India’s vibrant gifting culture, steeped in centuries of tradition and kindness, is now driving Asia’s green revolution. With more than 1.3 billion people across the subcontinent celebrating a plethora of festivals, events, and life milestones annually, there is a significant demand for gifts. According to recent data, the Indian market has undergone a substantial shift over the past three years, with a 45% increase in consumer desire for eco-friendly items. This new trend, reflecting a greater awareness of and commitment to sustainability, is influencing consumer behaviors and corporate gifting strategies throughout Asia. India’s embrace of environmentally conscious gifting not only upholds the country’s traditional norms of mutual respect and solidarity but also sets a standard for environmental responsibility across the continent.

 Sustainable Innovations Taking the Lead:
One of Asia’s top providers of corporate gifts, Consortium Gifts, is leading by example by redefining the corporate gifting market with its wide selection of environmentally friendly products. Founded and run by Gaurav Bhagat, India’s 10X sales expert, the company offers a variety of eco-friendly products. These range from unique items like bamboo espresso mugs, bento boxes, coffee fiber eco-friendly mugs, and pens, to pencils and wooden stationery sets that combine functionality with environmental consciousness. Consortium Gifts has taken a bold step in rethinking environmentally friendly business accessories with the introduction of items such as the Laptop Bag, Sling Messenger Bag, Cheque Book Holder/Passport Holder with Sim Card Safe Case, and Eco-Friendly Cork All In One Passport Holder with Sim Card. These products not only meet the needs of contemporary professionals but also encourage the use of sustainable materials like cork. For individuals looking to further reduce their carbon footprint, the brand offers the EcoCup Bold: Eco-Friendly Glasses, Glass Sipper with Bamboo Lid & Straw, Plantable Dori Hanging Calendar, Rice Husk Cutting Chai Cups, and the Wireless Bamboo Charger.

 Impact Beyond Borders:
India’s commitment to environmentally responsible giving is leading the way and encouraging eco-friendly trends beyond its borders. Asian markets are taking notice, as evidenced by a discernible rise in the demand for eco-friendly products. Enterprises across the continent are integrating sustainability into their corporate gifting strategies, endorsing environmentally conscious behaviors, and thus participating in an international shift toward ecological responsibility.

 Statistics Speak Volumes:
● A 2023 market analysis highlighted that eco-friendly gifting options have seen a market growth of over 60% in Asia, with India being a significant contributor.
● Surveys suggest that 70% of Indian consumers prefer to receive gifts that are sustainable, a sentiment that is gradually permeating other Asian cultures.
● The corporate sector in India has reported a 55% increase in the allocation of budgets towards sustainable gifting options, a trend that is mirrored in several Asian economies.

 The Road Ahead:
India is laying the groundwork for an environmentally friendly future in Asia by blending its traditional gift-giving customs with contemporary sustainability practices. The cascading effects of this adjustment demonstrate how powerful cultural practices can be in bringing about meaningful environmental change. By exchanging thoughtful and sustainable gifts, the subcontinent not only conserves its environment but also sets an example for other continents to follow. India’s gift-giving customs are much more than just traditions; they are a force for good, spurring eco-aware trends throughout Asia and possibly beyond.


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