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Enter the Indie Music World with Vidit Meghwal’s ‘The Vibe Show

Be part of the Season 2 launch of Vidit Meghwal’s exclusive IP, featuring a specially curated show, “The Vibe with Vidit Show”, partnered with Stage-o-Holic. This musical extravaganza will take you on a soul-stirring journey through the realms of indie music, wrapped in soothing melodies and heartfelt emotions.


Experience the seamless blend of melancholy and hope, longing and contentment, as Vidit’s enchanting voice guides you through an unforgettable musical voyage. His performance is a tapestry of emotions, leaving the audience spellbound and comforted.

With his magnetic presence, Vidit will transform the stage into a haven of nostalgia, where each chord struck will resonate with echoes of bygone days and new beginnings. The intimate ambience will reminisce a cosy evening spent with old friends, evoking distant memories and forgotten dreams.

So, join us for a night where music and memories intertwine, and let Vidit’s melodies carry you away on a nostalgic journey.


Date: June 1, 2024

Time: 8 PM onwards

Location: CheeseBox Studios, Ahmedabad


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