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Dovetail bags Great Place to Work® Certification in India

Mumbai, May 08, 2024 – Dovetail Group has been certified as a Great Place To Work®. This esteemed certification affirms Dovetail Capital’s commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture that values trust, transparency, and employee well-being.

Dovetail Capital’s achievement is particularly noteworthy as it falls under the ‘Under 100 Employees’ category. The certification showcases the organization’s ability to create a positive and engaging work environment with a relatively small group of employees. The rigorous evaluation conducted by Great Place To Work, India, encompassed diverse parameters including credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Dovetail Capital’s success in obtaining this certification underscores its dedication to nurturing a workplace where employees thrive both personally and professionally.

Mahesh Shekdar, Co-Founder, Dovetail Group expressed, “We are thrilled to be recognized as a Great Place To Work, a distinction that reflects our ongoing commitment to cultivating a workplace where every team member feels valued. We believe that a positive work environment is the foundation for innovation and sustained success.”

In a dynamic business landscape, Dovetail Capital’s recognition as a ‘Great Place To Work’ sets it apart as an employer of choice. Dovetail’s initiatives including yearly offsite, friendly work culture, open door policy, rewards, recognition and employee career development have helped it become an employer of choice for finance professionals.


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