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Axis Communications Launches Open Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Management Solution

India, 23 April 2024: Axis Communications, a global leader in network video surveillance, proudly introduces Axis Cloud Connect, an open cloud-based platform designed to provide customers with more secure, flexible and scalable security solutions. With two decades of experience in cloud connectivity and over a million cloud-connected Axis cameras in use today, Axis Cloud Connect is tailored to work seamlessly with Axis devices, empowering businesses with a comprehensive suite of managed services that support system and device management, video and data delivery, and meet high demand for cybersecurity.

Creating opportunity and delivering value to the entire channel

Axis Cloud Connect enables smooth integration of Axis devices and partner applications by offering a selection of managed services. To keep systems up to date and ensure consistent system performance and cybersecurity, Axis takes added responsibility for hosting, delivering, and running digital services to ensure availability and reliability. The managed services enable secure remote access to live video operations and improved device management with automated updates throughout the lifecycle. It also offers user and access management for easy and secure control of user access rights and permissions. Axis Cloud Connect is a channel-friendly open platform that delivers solutions and services for system integrators and end customers. It also enables Axis partners to develop their own cloud-based solutions to address market opportunities and evolving customer needs.

According to Johan Paulsson, CTO at Axis Communications, “Axis Cloud Connect is a continuation of our commitment to deliver secure-by-design solutions that meet changing customer needs. This offering combines the benefits of cloud technology and hybrid architectures with our deep knowledge of analytics, image usability, cybersecurity and long-term experience with cloud-based solutions—all managed by our team of experts to reduce friction for our customers.”

Empowering partners and accelerating market readiness

Genetec, a leader in unified physical security software, introduced its Genetec Security Center SaaS, a scalable, open and unified software-as-a-service solution that combines access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, and other advanced security capabilities.

“Axis and Genetec share a long history of collaboration and a common approach to product development. Last year, we launched Axis Powered by Genetec, a solution that demonstrates the innovation derived from deep collaboration and openness,” said Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering at Genetec Inc. “Today, thanks to Axis Cloud Connect and Security Center SaaS, our customers will benefit from continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features, and important cyber security updates from two of the industry’s leading innovators.”

Powering the next generation of AXIS Camera Station

With a focus on adding security, flexibility and scalability to its offerings, Axis is also pleased to announce that it has built the next generation of its video management system (VMS)—AXIS Camera Station—on Axis Cloud Connect. Accordingly, Axis is extending its VMS into a broader offering that includes AXIS Camera Station Pro, Edge and Center. The AXIS Camera Station offering is engineered to more precisely match the needs of users based upon flexible options for video surveillance and device management, architecture and storage, analytics and data management, and cloud-based services.

AXIS Camera Station Pro: A more traditional, on-premise VMS for professional operators, AXIS Camera Station Pro offers robust features and flexible options, including remote cloud connectivity, a self-hosted and cloud web client, advanced search capabilities, an analytics dashboard, and full portfolio integration. Available on April 30, 2024.

AXIS Camera Station Edge: A cloud solution that uses the power of Axis edge devices with cam-to-cloud connectivity (no server or NVR required). It more directly focuses on video surveillance needs with edge-based AI, auto-notification features, a web client, and flexible storage options. Available in H2 2024.

AXIS Camera Station Center: A unification license for multi-site aggregation of AXIS Camera Station Pro and/or AXIS Camera Station Edge deployments into a single user experience that unifies video operations along with device, user and license management. Available in H2 2024.

Axis Cloud Connect, the new extended AXIS Camera Station offering, and Axis devices are all built with robust cybersecurity measures to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Moreover, users can expect high-level performance with seamless OS updates with an Axis tech stack built on powerful edge devices and the AXIS OS working in tandem with Axis cloud capabilities.

The new cloud-based platform—and the solutions built upon it by both Axis and select partners—aims to create opportunity and value throughout the channel, allowing companies to utilize the cloud at a pace that makes the most sense for their evolving business needs.


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