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Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery Unveils India’s First Lab-Grown Polki Diamond Collection

Bengaluru, 22nd March 2024 – In keeping with the commitment to No Compromise Diamond Jewellery and demonstrating the same through innovation, authenticity, and sustainability in the diamond industry, Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery, a lab-grown diamond brand, launches the world’s first uncut lab-grown diamond collection, ‘The Queen’s Reserve Polki Collection’.


The collection was unveiled during the inauguration ceremony of Aukera’s new store in Jayanagar, Bengaluru by the popular actress, philanthropist, producer, and Head of the Uppi Foundation, Priyanka Upendra.

The rising acceptance of grown diamonds, coupled with an increasing preference for high-quality jewellery and larger carat sizes, has resulted in the brand witnessing exponential traction over the past year. The new-age brand plans to double down on its aggressive retail-first strategy and will launch new experience centres in cities across South India shortly.

Gracing the launch ceremony and speaking about the collection, Priyanka Upendra said, “It is a really special feeling to be a part of the launch of lab-grown polki diamonds for the first time in India. The new collection, ‘Queen’s Reserve’ looks gorgeous, and I am thrilled to wear it and showcase it. Today, there is a rise in conscious consumerism, especially among the younger generation. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds and are also ethically sourced and more sustainable. Aukera means choice, and on this occasion, I would like to urge everyone to make more socially responsible choices when it comes to what we wear. I would strongly urge everyone to visit Aukera’s store and have a look at their beautiful collections”.

The new ‘Queen’s Reserve Polki Collection’ is a significant milestone for India’s jewellery industry, as it introduces consumers to Polki jewellery crafted from lab-grown diamonds for the first time in the world. The collection will boast superior colour (as against what is typically graded as “Light Brown) and VS clarity (as opposed to the more common I1 or I2 grade). Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery goes beyond tradition by offering Polki diamonds with no filling, ensuring longevity and resilience against cracking over time.

Named in homage to the pioneering women who shaped India’s narrative, the Queen’s Reserve Polki Collection embodies grace, strength, and timeless elegance. It serves as a tribute to brides and special occasions, symbolizing the transition from princess to queen in an era of change.

Speaking about the launch of the collection and store, Lisa Mukhedkar, Founder and CEO of Aukera Jewellery said, “We are thrilled to introduce the new Polki collection, crafted with uncut lab-grown diamonds. Polki diamonds, historically cherished for their intricate designs and cultural significance, have been a staple in Indian ceremonies for centuries. Through our new collection, we are combining this rich tradition with modern elegance, offering larger, bolder jewellery pieces perfect for special occasions. Handcrafted by skilled artisans spanning six generations, the collection features exquisite designs adorned with emeralds, rubies, and pearls. We have curated this collection with a lot of love and passion and are excited to finally showcase the result to our customers.”

She adds, “The vibrant locality of Jayanagar, Bengaluru was our choice to set up Aukera Jewellery’s latest store. Recognising the rising interest from South Bangalore for our grown diamond jewellery, Jayanagar became the choice for our expansion. As one of the city’s most iconic districts, the neighbourhood embodies a rich blend of culture, tradition, and modernity. We aim to elevate the jewellery-buying experience for Jayanagar’s diverse community and continue to improve awareness and accessibility for grown diamonds through this new store.”


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