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altGraaf Launches Unique Invoice Discounting Solutions

Bengaluru 25 April 2024: In an industry-first move, the fintech fixed income alternate investment platform, altGraaf, has launched 5 Invoice Discounting fixed income solutions tailored to the risk palates of a wide variety of investors.

Invoice Discounting is a form of financing chosen by businesses to tap into their unpaid invoices for the goods already delivered to clients so that they can manage their working capital requirements. Essentially, it is post-sales funding. The investment tenure is generally 30 – 90 days with annualized IRR of 10% – 14%. These are great short tenure fixed income investment solutions that investors can consider as part of their overall investment portfolio.

The new solutions launched are altSmart, altArmour, altBlu, altPack, and altWings. Designed with consumer empowerment, expected returns, and risk mitigation at the core, the different options allow investors to choose the combination that best suit their financial goals, risk appetite and expected returns.


altSmart is intended for the risk averse investor and comes with a 100% secured bank guarantee covering both principal and interest with escrow control on all repayments from clients. In worst case scenario where clients cannot pay, proactive measures will be taken to initiate the bank guarantee to repay the investors within a defined period.

altArmor offers low risk investments on discounted invoices from varied companies, and the investments including both principal and interest are 100% protected with trade credit insurance with escrow control on all repayments from companies. Like bank guarantee, in worst case scenario, final approved insurance claims will be initiated to repay investors within a defined period.

altBlu is targeted at investors seeking to maximize returns from investments in discounted invoices of established large profitable entities. Consumers benefit from escrow control, and insurance protection up to 90% of the principal investment while unlocking growth with established companies.

altPack allows the investor to invest in a basket of invoices from different clients thereby helping them diversify with ease. With the escrow control, established third party trustee, and possible credit protection on principal, these investments provide great balance between diversification, risk, return and protection. The risk and returns vary based on credit protection coverage and pool of invoices.

altWings offers the seasoned investor with very high yield returns on opportunities, and the investments carry high risk.

“Consumer empowerment and comprehensive risk management is at the heart of all that we do at altGraaf. All investments do carry risk including this category of fixed income investments and it is important to read all the information and choose opportunities that align with ones’ risk appetite. With this revolutionary line-up of solutions, we intend to address the requirements of all types of investors while offering them opportunities that they can make the most of,” said Jayaprakash, K, Chief Growth Officer, AI Growth Limited (Parent company of altGraaf). Through its innovative suite of varied products, altGraaf aims to set new benchmarks in the fintech industry and revolutionize fixed income space in India.”


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