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ACKO Launches ‘ACKtually Speaking’ ft R Madhavan; Addresses Key Financial and Social Topics Impacting Customers Today

Bangalore, 20 April, 2024 – ACKO, an insurtech company, has launched a podcast series, ‘ACKtually Speaking with Maddy’, hosted by their brand ambassador, R Madhavan. The podcast series aims to address challenges and questions that individuals face in their financial lives that often remain unanswered. The series will have honest and upfront conversations with prominent guests and experts across industries who will navigate socially relevant topics that may also have a financial impact, such as untimely illness or death, stress, parenting, etc with R Madhavan. The podcast series is designed to be thought-provoking, while offering actionable insights, making it a reliable and authentic knowledge base.

Through this innovative platform, ACKO is committed to driving positive change for all. The podcast series aims to cover topics that are most relevant and not covered or comprehensively addressed across many other sources and also offer actionable insights to the listeners that can be easily understood and implemented. This is aligned to the company’s overall strategy of making financial decisions convenient, transparent, and accessible to all Indians.

The first episode of the series tackles the disconnect between the way life insurance is sold and what the product is meant for. Host R Madhavan dives deep with Varun Dua, challenging the perception of insurance as a tax-saving scheme that can provide returns. Instead, it positions insurance as a crucial tool for securing one’s future. The episode goes beyond product features and addresses the social stigma around death and the troubles that families go through when a loved one passes away without a will. It offers a comprehensive and empathetic exploration of life insurance.

Varun Dua, sharing his thoughts on the podcast series, said, “Acktually Speaking tackles the complexities and grey areas that all of us face in our financial lives. Our goal is to break the taboo or social stigma around these conversations and help listeners understand the impact that their financial choices can have on their lives.” R Madhavan echoed the same sentiments and said, “A lot of us refrain from asking questions because we feel we might be judged or we might offend those close to us, so we hesitate. We also end up feeling lost or unsure in terms of whom to ask or trust with such advice. But what if we could unpack these questions together, in a way that’s authentic and honest? That’s the spirit behind Acktually Speaking. We’re starting with life insurance, a topic that sparks confusion for many but this is just the first chapter. Acktually Speaking aims to be your guide, fostering conversations around the questions we’ve all grappled with but never quite dared to ask.”

The first episode also addresses various other critical themes of life insurance, shedding light on significant disparities between Western and Indian perspectives on death planning, common mistakes Indians make while purchasing insurance, the importance of refraining from seeking investment returns on insurance, and practical advice on estimating life insurance needs. Additionally, the episode highlights the potential financial vulnerabilities faced by Indians in their 30s due to inadequate planning.


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