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ACCA sets bold agenda for accountants on Earth Day

Mumbai, 22 April 2024: To mark Earth Day 2024, ACCA has identified five ways for professional accountants to make a positive impact in tackling issues such as climate change, social inequality and a widespread lack of trust.

Solving the biggest problems facing the world today is a challenge that faces all of us – not just governments and large organisations. ACCA believes that we all have an important role to play as individuals and that there are five key areas to focus on:

  • Drive the sustainability agenda
  • Understand the benefits of AI adoption
  • Promote the importance of good ethics
  • Advance an inclusive workplace culture
  • Develop a continuous learning mindset.

ACCA president Ronnie Patton said: “A better, fairer and more sustainable world will only happen if we make it happen. ACCA believes that if we all work together, we can change the world. Professional accountants are perfectly placed to make practical and important contributions in shaping the safe, secure future which we all crave.”

Sundeep Jakhar, Public Affairs Lead at ACCA India said: “ACCA’s purpose is to be a force for public good and this means playing our part in creating a better world today and for future generations in India and around the world. We believe the accountancy profession has a vital role to play in driving positive change for the natural environment and society. Finance functions are at the heart of organisations and professional accountants are in a unique position to make real, impactful change at the centre for more socially just and environmentally sustainable economies. ACCA supports India’s commitment towards sustainable development, in line with its culture of living in harmony with nature.”

ACCA is also hosting a free half-day conference on 22 April to explore how finance professionals can support the creation of sustainable organisations. ACCA experts Sharon Machado, head of sustainable business, and Jamie Lyon, head of skills, sectors and technology, will share how accountants can play their part at the heart of sustainable organisations of the future and ACCA’s Accounting for a Better World campaign.

In addition, ACCA will also be introducing a new Diploma in Sustainability later this year, bringing together high-quality learning support and assessments that will meet the emerging regulatory requirements for certification.


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