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Telegenisys Announces MedLawXpress Program for Attorneys

Fairfield, CA, March 14, 2024 — Telegenisys, a leading medical data analytics company, announced today the MedLawXpress program, which is tailored specifically for personal injury and malpractice lawyers. Telegenisys’ commitment to efficiency and precision led to the creation of The MedLawXpress Program, which is set to deliver complete medical event chronology within one business day. This reduces the intake decision-making. It is followed up with a curated summary and a review of all records within two business days. This intake process reduces the time taken to assess the feasibility of the case by at least 4 weeks.

Mark Merani, CEO and Founder of Telegenisys, expressed the company’s dedication to supporting legal professionals in their pursuit of justice, stating, “Recognizing the critical importance of time in personal injury and malpractice cases, we have developed the MedLawXpress Program to provide rapid, accurate, and easily understandable medical chronologies within one business day. This enables lawyers to dedicate their efforts to what truly matters – advocating for their clients.”

Prerna Raizada, Director of Medical Operations at Telegenisys, emphasized the program’s comprehensive approach, saying, “The MedLawXpress Program gives more than timelines. Leveraging advanced software technology and the expertise of medical professionals, we project medical facts that could significantly impact legal strategies. You have a dedicated team of medical professionals at your fingertips, ready to help you win!”

Key features of the MedLawXpress Program include:

– Fully indexed and hyperlinked medical data: Streamlined, hyperlinked indexes categorize medical facts based on disease, procedure, providers, and more, eliminating the time to sort and note extensive medical records.
– Comprehensive Insights: Get a clear, comprehensive overview of clients’ medical histories, identifying potential red flags and strengthening legal arguments effortlessly.
– Time-Saving Efficiency: Save 70% of review time, enabling attorneys to allocate more hours to strategic planning, negotiation, and client representation.
– Increased Caseload Capacity: With Telegenisys managing medical records efficiently, lawyers can confidently take on 30% more cases, enhancing revenue and impact.

In addition to these benefits, the MedLawXpress offers:

– Addon In-Depth Analysis: Timeline charts, graphs, and the interactive Dashboard Analytics Module for comprehensive medical record analysis.
– Risk-Free Trial: Exclusive benefits for the first 100 firms that sign up now with the assurance of unparalleled support and service.
– Exclusive Offer: Experience the efficiency of Telegenisys firsthand with a complimentary complete medical event chronology and analysis within one business day for up to 500 pages, along with a curated medical summary by medical experts in two business days.


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