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Julia Rodgers and Lily’s New Book My Crazy Family

Julia Rodgers and Lily’s New Book My Crazy Family

Trooper, PA, March 05, 2024 — Fulton Books authors Julia Rodgers and her granddaughter Lily, who live in the greater Philadelphia area, have completed their most recent book, “My Crazy Family”: a charming story all about the wacky adventures of Julia and Lily’s family and their incredible abilities, like flying or turning invisible.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, authors Julia Rodgers and her granddaughter, Lily spent lots of time together, and began writing silly stories about their family. This helped them stave off being stir-crazy while discovering a different and fun kind of crazy. In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading, baking, and volunteering in the community, while Lily enjoys being involved in choir, band, and theater. They still continue to add new and silly stories about the family they love.

“Ask anyone, and they will say that they have a silly, quirky family, but mine is truly crazy,” writes Lily. “‘Really?’ you say. Well, can your family fly like an airplane? Does your grandpa drive a pineapple to the beach? Does your aunt shovel in her flip-flops? That’s crazy, right?”


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