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Jacob C. Larson’s Book Practical Ramblings on Relationships

 Jacob C. Larson’s Book Practical Ramblings on Relationships

Junction City, OR, March 18, 2024 –Jacob C. Larson, who currently resides in Oregon and enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting in the Pacific Northwest with his family, has completed his new book, “Practical Ramblings On Relationships”: a fascinating read that focuses on personal growth and development while revealing how past traumas and behaviors can affect one’s present relationships.

“Everyone starts out in a relationship with positive hopes in mind,” writes Jacob. “They look at their significant other fondly, through rose-colored glasses, without actually seeing beyond what is being portrayed, without considering who they are, as an individual, especially not one who has joined their life together with someone else. It’s from that perspective that I have written this book. What I have learned about myself in my relationships and how a person’s personality, past traumas, upbringing, family dynamic, mental illness, socioeconomic status, education, etc.—all play very major roles in the success of a relationship.

“Obviously, I am a man, so what is shared in this book will be from the perspective of a man. Try as I may to be impartial, I’m letting you know in advance that there are some things that I am unsure how not to be. I willingly admit that the mystery of that which is a woman still eludes me. Of that, I do not speak for them, nor will I attempt to. However, if there was a book I could have given myself as a young man, this is it.”


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