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Career Highways Partnership with Multiple Academic Organizations

Career Highways Partnership with Multiple Academic Organizations

Chicago, IL, March 22, 2024 — Career Highways, a Wisconsin based educational technology company, has announced the signing of multiple content partner agreements.

Career Highways is a lifetime set of career development tools and content, at no-cost for students and job seekers. Career Highways’ unique career visualization, a “Career Highway,” uses AI to identify and personalize career paths, and provides a career map with step-by-step guidance including training, education, certifications, programs, jobs, and multiple AI career routes to career success.

Career Highways is partnering with the following organizations to include their instructional content and programs, aligning their training to careers, and making it available to students and job seekers as they are exploring careers and building their career plan. Individuals can easily add this training to their career route, connect with the provider, and pursue their career goals. Here are the new content partnerships:

· BISK Amplified is an online learning services provider that collaborates with top universities and corporations to offer exceptional online education to students. All BISK Amplified educational partners will be included in Career Highways, mapped to the careers these programs prepare for, and available in student’s career plans and career routes.

· ParenTeach, a charitable organization focused on high-quality parenting and caregiver education, will be partnering with CareerHighways to feature their online parenting and caregiving courses on Career Highways’ platform to build awareness of parenting and caregiving skills in order to create a healthier, safer, and more productive society.

· America Needs You is an organization that fights for economic mobility by providing transformative support to ambitious, first-generation college students. FirstGenU is a virtual program designed to help first-generation college students build the skills they need to thrive in the workforce, and is available in Career Highways.

· MN State IT Center has included all programs offered at each of their 37+ campuses in Career Highways, all mapped to the careers that these programs prepare students for, and accessible in their Career Highways’ maps and routes.

Liz Eversoll, CEO and Founding Partner of Career Highways, stated, “It is rewarding to see employers, public workforce entities, schools and recruiters respond so positively to our career development platform. We all must work together to provide career development and career opportunities to our next generation. Our content partners are key to providing students and job seekers with the different career options or ‘highways’ that will lead them to career success.”


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