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Author John P.R. Hughes’s New Book Daemon Glaive

Author John P.R. Hughes’s New Book Daemon Glaive

Frankfort, KY, March 21, 2024 –-John P.R. Hughes, a Renaissance man from the Bluegrass region, has completed his new book, “Daemon Glaive: Rings of Silver Tome III”: the gripping conclusion to his brilliant fantasy series. Hughes was forced to leave the dental profession due to an incurable, progressive retinal disease that rendered him totally blind at the age of fifty. With the help of a loving and talented wife, a bit of computer technology, and a need to scribe the tales in his heart writ therein since a young age, he completes the Rings of Silver trilogy with this volume.

Hughes writes, “There are times when a warm wind, heralding spring, the denizens of a pond croaking and neeping in the mid of summer, a crow’s rasp in the autumn dawn, or the whisper of snowflakes falling to earth in a winter’s midnight shatters the mundane and, for an instant, I am in a place far beyond this world. In those few heartbeats, I glimpse the mystical, sense the questing, hear the arcane, and I am certain I could hold it all in my hands if I but reached out. And then it is gone. I write in the hope I might share that brief moment of the world imagined with those who long for such, if just for an instant, and ken the wonder of the bright realms over which we would stride were we not so bound by the ordinary world.”

“Daemon Glaive” begins with the Daemon King, Ghul, poised to triumph in his quest to wrest dominion over Edilan. The western alliance that stands against him is outnumbered, with no hope of fighting the daemons, dark warriors, and necromancies gathered in the passes over the Iron Mountains, preparing to sweep away their meager foes.

Their only hope lies in a prophecy that foretells great knights, mighty heroes, and unknown allies will unite to vanquish the Daemon King and destroy his dreams of a tyrannical empire. Ronan, the wizard once known as Eridal, casts his spells in hopes of raising a legendary king from a black curse in which he slumbers, perhaps the fulfillment of the first verse of the augury of the Drakestone Prophecy.

Readers who wish to experience this dazzling work can purchase “Daemon Glaive: Rings of Silver Tome III” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.


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