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Author Gina Marie Martini’s Latest Book Edge of Exposure

Author Gina Marie Martini’s Latest Book Edge of Exposure

New York, NY, March 07, 2024 –Gina Marie Martini, author of the drama series, “Entanglements,” which was honored in 2020 with an American Fiction Award, has completed her new book, “Edge of Exposure”: a gripping novel that follows an actress and an entrepreneur who must evade the public eye or risk losing everything they’ve worked towards to an unknown enemy who has threatened their lives.

Martini writes, “Paris, a fabulous, energetic city and a superb locale for hotel entrepreneur Tommy Cavallo and actress Victoria Ursini to hide following Tommy’s fictitious death. Vicki learns of an accident in Las Vegas that nearly kills her mother, Sylvia. She leaves Tommy safely in France to rush to her mother’s side, risking exposure to their aliases and the truth that Tommy is still alive.

“Vicki reconnects with her family when she arrives home but grows concerned that the hungry media and her vindictive ex-husband, the former governor, will shine a bright spotlight on her. She has evaded snapping cameras and ambitious reporters since Tommy quietly swept her out of Vegas to protect her from a white-collar crime and himself from an unidentified adversary who threatened his life.

“Chaos ensues as some well-kept family secrets unravel, including a murder, in which Sylvia becomes the prime suspect. Still, the one mystery Vicki hopes to solve is the identity of her biological father. Between Sylvia’s baffling past and Tommy’s unknown enemies, Vicki’s whole world starts crumbling, ultimately jeopardizing Tommy’s life and their future together.”


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