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Artour Aghvani’s Newly Released The Adventures of Happy-Fishing

Artour Aghvani’s Newly Released The Adventures of Happy-Fishing

New York, NY, February 24, 2024 –“The Adventures of Happy-Fishing”: a helpful teaching narrative that provides insightful advice to upcoming generations. “The Adventures of Happy-Fishing” is the creation of published author, Artour Aghvani, who was born in Yerevan. He graduated at Choreographic University as a professional dancer and actor. He has three children and a lovely wife. He made bedtime stories for his children when they were young, and today, he is continuing to share them with others through books. His goal is to encourage children to be the best version of themselves.

Aghvani shares, “In this book we encourage our young readers to believe that no problem is too big.

“Keep on trying and never give up because nothing is impossible with good friends.

“This book is about a character named Happy who goes fishing with his best friend, Little Worm. They both take a trip to the ocean to fish. After a failed attempt, they go home, making plans to go next time because they don’t ever give up.”


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