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Veris and Suprema Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Elevate Workplace Security and Experience

New Delhi, 07th Nov 2023: Veris, the global workplace experience platform with a dominant presence in the Asian and Middle Eastern geography, has joined forces with Suprema, the world’s leading biometrics innovator specializing in facial authentication and fingerprint recognition. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of workplace security and experience, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and intelligent solutions for large-scale enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

Veris is renowned for its pioneering efforts in futurizing the workplace, bringing next-generation experiences and frictionless security to the forefront. This collaboration between Veris and Suprema will reshape in-office journeys, introducing a new era of workplace security and efficiency.

The partnership will address three key aspects of the workplace:

● Operational Visibility: Unparalleled insights into workplace usage patterns, predictive and threat intelligence, allowing organizations to make informed decisions.

● User Satisfaction: Deliver frictionless security experiences, intelligent workplace automation, smooth indoor navigation, and on-demand resource bookings.

● Workplace Optimization: Maximise productivity by reducing distractions in mundane activities, lowering costs, and improving Return on Investment (RoI) on real estate investments.

Veris has a global presence, currently deployed across 22 countries and accommodating conversations in 18 languages. This diverse reach makes it an ideal partner for Suprema, which has established itself as a leader in biometric technology across the globe.

Suprema’s expertise in facial authentication and fingerprint recognition is unparalleled. The company’s extensive portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time and attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions, and embedded fingerprint modules. Suprema has consistently introduced innovations to the security industry over the last decades, earning its place as one of the world’s top 50 security manufacturers with the number one market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region.

Varun Gurjar, Vice President of Workplace Eco-System at Veris, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “This collaboration with Suprema is a game-changer for workplace management. Together, we are ushering in an era where the workplace knows who to expect, doors can distinguish friends from potential threats, and intelligent decisions are made based on movement patterns. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation alongside Suprema.”

Shreyans Vasa, Country Manager at Suprema, added, “Suprema’s advanced biometric solutions combined with Veris’ workplace solutions will redefine the way enterprises perceive security and efficiency. Our partnership will empower large enterprises to embrace the future of workplaces, making them smarter and safer.”

This partnership between Veris and Suprema is poised to change the face of workplaces forever, particularly for large enterprises that believe the future is here and now. The integration of Veris’ workplace experience platform and Suprema’s world-class biometric technology promises to deliver an environment that is frictionless, integrated, and intelligent, setting new standards for security and user satisfaction.


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