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The Conflict between Healthy and Tasty: In the latest edition of The Write Circle

Abhilasha Sethia

Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with India International Centre, Dineshnandini Ramkrishna Dalmia Foundation and Ehsaas women of NCR proudly hosted another episode of The Write Circle with two esteemed guests – Abhilasha Sethia and Vidhi Beri. Eminent patron Shree Cement Limited was supporting the event as part of their CSR initiative.

Abhilasha Sethia and Vidhi Beri are entrepreneurs and authors who share a fondness for wholesome food. “A Superfood A Day – A Book by Two Mompreneurs” is the cookbook that these mompreneurs co-wrote. They have teamed up to provide all mothers with an amazing tool for cooking meals for their young children. Neelima Dalmia Adhar, the Honorary Convenor of Delhi NCR Affairs, will be their speaker.

The author duo engaged in a fun-filled conversation discussing a variety of topics from ayurveda to dairy to nutrition. We heard Abhilasha openly addressing the conflict between healthy and tasty. She said, “What is healthy necessarily doesn’t mean not tasty. What is healthy can absolutely be tasty. It is just about eating right.” While on the other hand Vidhi Talked about inclusion of sugar in diet and the consequences that follow. She said, ” The temptation of sugar is much worse than that of drinking or smoking. We have to restrict our intake of processed sugar for the right nutrition.”

Talking about the event Vinti Kathuria – Ehsaas Women of Agra said, “Being a mum of two young kids I learnt how a nourishing diet is so important for a lifetime of health and happiness. Vidhi’s words, to have at least 3 colors on a plate for a meal, have been etched on my mind and I want to make sure I work on it on a daily basis. I now realize, it’s not just about eating home cooked food but the nutritional value and portions that go in it.”

The conversation was in honor of the book the two authors co-wrote. The book brings in interesting and healthy recipes for children and adults alike. For new mom’s struggling to find the right nutrients for their toddlers, the authors have provided easy solutions for them. The two mompreneurs proudly talked about their book in the event.

Ruhi Walia Syal – Ehsaas Women of Jalandhar concludingly said, “Choosing a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is similar to providing your body with the greatest fuel possible. It sustains your strength, optimism, and vitality throughout the day. I’ve therefore made a self-promise to stop my weekend cheat days, make adjustments, and adhere to the author’s 80/20 guideline. And I will be able to improve both my physical and mental well-being by adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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