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Seminar on Presentation Skills held at Sandip University

Madhubani, December 10, 2023: A daylong seminar on Professional Presentation Skills was held at Sandip University here on the day. While giving a seminar in the packed auditorium of the university, noted author and Bihar’s top social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha demonstrated how the students of the day needed to improve their required soft skills to ace the test of professionalism and turn out to be corporate-ready. Further, he shaded light on different aspects of the topic, encouraging the engineering students to equip themselves with the art of essential employability skills in professional settings in today’s job market.

“Having the ability to present oneself pleasingly, and convey the message clearly, succinctly and effectively, along with the facts and figures relating to the subject, is part of the presentation skills.”, defined Dr Birbal Jha, who was given away the Global Skills Trainer Aawrd last year.

The presentation skills are now essential in every sector of professional work, and those involved in such an activity are under obligation to deliver presentations on occasions. While some people take it in their stride, others find it much more difficult. However, with a little effort and practice, you may improve your presentation skills.”, said Dr Birbal Jha.

“Presentation skills are increasingly required in every sector of professional job, and those participating in such an activity are required to deliver presentations on occasion. Some people take it in stride, while others struggle greatly. “However, with a little effort, you can improve your presentation skills.”, stated Dr Birbal Jha, who has recently ranked among the ten top self-help authors in the world.

The internationally acclaimed celebrity author Dr Jha encouraged the attendees to adopt seven key elements of effective communication skills, including: 1. being affable and personable; 2. espousing means and medium of communication; 3. following the rules of clarity in speech; 4. having a sense of empathy and humour; 5. having correct verbal and nonverbal communication; 6. listening to others; 7. showing respect to others.

On the occasion, Dr Jha demonstrated the fundamentals of presentation skills, such as how to sit in a chair, walk and talk in professional and informal settings, meet, greet, and shake hands correctly, and maintain proper manners and mannerisms, making the seminar interesting and lively as well as informative and knowledgeable.

In accordance with the goals of the prestigious Sandip University, the academic seminar session covered numerous aspects of presentation abilities, effective communication skills, and interview and behavioural skills.

Dr Birbal Jha, who founded his social enterprise British Lingua in 1993, has a track record of imparting English communication as well as skills training to more than three lakh and fifty thousand youth in India, beginning his educational journey in Patna.

Mr Suraj Jha, the university’s training and placement head, expressed gratitude for the seminar’s success, while Dr. BC Choudhary, the principal of Bed College, provided an introduction to the event, which was anchored by Prof Abhishek Thakur.


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