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Pancakes and Impressions – An Unforgettable Gastronomic Journey to Moscow

From 11 to 17 March, the Russian capital is hosting a bright gastronomic festival Maslenitsa, celebrating the beginning of spring. Guests can expect a lively festival program, traditional delights such as pancakes, and unforgettable experiences at the festival venues across the city.

14th March 2024 To bid farewell to winter and welcome the warm spring season, Moscow is celebrating a colorful gastronomic festival called Maslenitsa from 11 to 17 March. Travelers from India will be able to get a closer look at the Russian capital through amazing events at this festival. Guests will have the exclusive chance to taste traditional delicacies, each prepared according to recipes from various regions of Russia, all conveniently available in one location. A rich cultural program awaits visitors: culinary master classes, lessons in pottery and carpentry, and the basics of art painting.

pancakes and ampression

Citizens and guests of the capital will be able to plunge into an unusual adventure and take part in competitions and traditional festivities, pass a fairy-tale quest, as well as watch the performance of puppet theater and culinary battles of chefs. To keep the kids entertained, the festival will have a toy workshop where young visitors will be able to make their own toys. And for adult guests, there is traditional holiday entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else: squats with a log on the shoulder, tug of war, or a pillow fight on a log.

Travelers from India eager to immerse themselves in Russian culture will have the opportunity to experience colorful performances and plays showcasing Russian folk tales on the various festive stages of the festival. Throughout the festival, guests will have the chance to explore the diverse traditions of Maslenitsa celebrations from different regions of Russia at various venues. Unique pancake workshops will be available across the city, offering visitors the opportunity to taste the festival’s main symbol. Whether it’s classic pancakes with sour cream, honey, and jam, delicate trout-filled pancakes, pancakes based on ayran, or buckwheat pancakes topped with caviar and sour cream, there will be a treat to suit every palate.

Festival Maslenitsa will bring bright, unforgettable experiences and gastronomic pleasure to all attendees. The festival is one of many events within the framework of the Moscow Seasons project, where tourists from different countries can get acquainted with the culture and history of Russia. Whether it’s a family vacation or a solo adventure, the events organized under this project will be an excellent destination for all travelers.


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