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Indian Women Entrepreneurs Leverage Digitalization for Competitive Edge: GoDaddy study 2024

National, the Marc6h 2024 – GoDaddy 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Survey underscores the significance of digitalization for women entrepreneurs in India, revealing that 90% of respondents consider digitalization crucial to their business success and 97% agree that digitalization has already noticeably improved the work process in their business.

Global Entrepreneurship Survey _IN 2024[55]

Notably, 51% of women entrepreneurs surveyed in India are millennials, showcasing the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of this demographic in the business world. The survey reflects an optimistic outlook among women entrepreneurs, with a notable 82% expecting business growth in the next 3-5 years. Additionally, strategic business goals include 57% prioritizing expanding market reach, 47% focusing on improving customer engagement, and 38% emphasizing increasing cybersecurity and data protection measures.

When it comes to new technology 88% express confidence in navigating and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for business growth with women identifying marketing (60%), business planning and strategy (60%), and customer service (49%) as the areas where they think their business could benefit from AI the most, emphasizing its transformative role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship in India.

Selina Bieber, Vice President for International Markets at GoDaddy, commented, “As digital transformation continues to reshape the small business landscape, we are inspired by Indian women’s confidence and positive outlook for their small businesses. GoDaddy supports small businesses with easy-to-use digital tools and resources to succeed online.”


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