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Expert Views on Colliers GCC leasing Report

Mr Amal Mishra, Co-founder, UrbanVault, a Bengaluru-based managed co-working space provider

The demand for Grade A office space has surged significantly in the past 2-3 years, particularly driven by the establishment of Global Capability Centers (GCC) by numerous multinational companies in cities such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad, followed by Gurugram. These cities have become prime destinations for global firms seeking to expand their operations in India. Interestingly, many of these multinational corporations are showing a preference for managed coworking spaces customized to their specific requirements and preferences, as opposed to traditional office setups.

At Urban Vault, we anticipated this growing demand and have proactively taken steps to address it. We are currently in the process of doubling our seats capacity in Bengaluru and are also expanding our presence in Hyderabad to accommodate the increasing demand for high-quality co-working spaces. By providing tailored coworking solutions that meet the unique needs of multinational corporations, we aim to capitalize on this trend and continue to be a leading provider of Grade A office spaces in these thriving business hubs.


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