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Embrace the Auspiciousness of Gudi Padwa With Tanishq

09 April 2024: As the cherished festival of Gudi Padwa approaches, marking new beginnings, Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata unveils an enticing offer to infuse the festivities with added joy. From 9th to 11th April 2024, customers across Maharashtra can revel with exciting offers at all Tanishq stores. Moreover, Tanishq extends an irresistible opportunity for customers to exchange their old gold bought from any jeweller through the ‘Gold Exchange Program’, ensuring optimal value with 100%* value on old gold of 22KT and above.


Gudi Padwa, signifies the onset of the Marathi New Year, symbolizing renewal and hope. Beyond its cultural significance, it underscores the tradition of investing in gold jewellery, representing the enduring bond between spouses. This year, Tanishq invites you to embrace the prosperity and auspiciousness of Gudi Padwa by adorning yourself with exquisite pieces from its collections. With special festive offers, Tanishq’s range of stunning Mangalsutras captures the sanctity of Marathi heritage and culture. Crafted with finesse, these designs resonate with the modern Marathi bride, blending tradition with contemporary sensibilities.

Whether for everyday elegance or grand celebrations, Tanishq offers a diverse array of gold and diamond mangalsutras, catering to every taste and occasion.

Embrace the spirit of new beginnings with Tanishq’s timeless elegance this Gudi Padwa. These exquisite pieces not only honour Marathi heritage but also embody the essence of modernity, making them perfect companions for the festive season. Elevate your celebrations and welcome the promise of spring with Tanishq’s special festive offers. Choose from a captivating selection of Mangalsutra pieces and bask in the auspiciousness of the season!

1. Symbol Of Unity Mangalsutra

Capture the enduring beauty of your marital bond with this gold mangalsutra. Radiating with charming design, it becomes an ideal choice for all occasions.

2. Magnificent Antique Mangalsutra

This exquisite mangalsutra boasts a carved pendant in 22K antique gold, blending tradition with modern opulence in a stunning linear

3. Sophisticated Vows Mangalsutra

Enhance your marital journey with this dazzling mangalsutra, an everlasting symbol of love’s enduring sparkle. This mangalsutra
embodies the enduring sparkle of love and elevates your marital journey with a touch of timeless elegance.

4. Floral Vati Mangalsutra

This double-row mangalsutra features a charming floral enamel pendant, adding a touch of antique elegance to your traditional


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