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Career Highways and CareerNet Team Up in a Workforce

Career Highways and CareerNet Team Up in a Workforce

Chicago, IL, March 20, 2024 — Career Highways has announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with CareerNet, a hiring solutions company founded in 1996.

Career Highways is a lifetime set of career development tools and content, at no cost for students and job seekers for life. Career Highways’ unique career visualization, a “Career Highway,” uses AI to identify and personalize career paths, and provides a career map with step-by-step guidance including training, education, certifications, programs, jobs, and multiple AI career routes to career success.

The alliance will be creating talent pools for employers and filling the pools with job seekers who will utilize Career Highways to guide them on their career development journey. Employers will hire vetted and qualified candidates to fill their ongoing hiring needs.

Brad Vansiclen, Founder and Head of US Operations for CareerNet, stated, “There is both a significant need for a properly trained, entry-level workforce and for general support in the development of reliable training to bring a steady supply of this group of professionals to American business. We can put the power of our platform to work to source thousands of candidates, and partnering with Career Highways will put them on specific career development tracks so that we can together develop the next-generation workforce for employers.”

Liz Eversoll, CEO and Co-founder of Career Highways, stated, “We all recognize the importance of developing young, interested professionals. Career Highways can reach and generate K12 student career interest, source job seekers, and start their career journey for our employers. CareerNet’s rich career skills development curriculum helps prepare our candidates for custom career pathways we define with our employers.”

The Career Highways Career Development tools include career interests profiler, a lifetime portfolio and resume, career exploration tools and curriculum, career path visualizations, upskilling content, and career plans, jobs, educational programs, and certifications.


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