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Blueline Ventures Launches Small Business Acquisition Fund

Blueline Ventures Launches Small Business Acquisition Fund

Charleston, SC, March 23, 2024 –Blueline Ventures Launches New Private Equity Fund Targeting the Acquisition of Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Blueline Ventures, a leading investment firm specializing in long-term value creation, is proud to announce the launch of its latest private equity fund, BLV Fund 1. This innovative fund is dedicated to acquiring and nurturing small to mid-size businesses with an EBITA range of $750,000 to $3 million, underscoring Blueline Venture’s commitment to fostering sustainable growth and building enduring partnerships.

BLV Fund 1 marks a strategic shift towards permanent equity investments, reflecting Blueline Ventures’ long-term investment philosophy. By treating each acquisition as a lasting partnership, the fund aims to create value not only for investors but also for the businesses and communities it serves.

“We are excited to introduce BLV Fund 1 and embark on a journey of long-term value creation,” said Joseph Wechsler, Managing Director. “Our focus on small to mid-size businesses in the $750,000 – $3 million EBITA range reflects our belief in the potential of these enterprises to thrive with the right support and resources. We look forward to leveraging our expertise and capital to fuel their growth and success.”

BLV Fund 1 will employ a disciplined investment approach, emphasizing strategic acquisitions and operational improvements to maximize value over the long term. With a track record of successful investments and a dedication to partnership-driven growth, Blueline Ventures is well-positioned to deliver sustainable returns for investors while making a positive impact on the businesses it acquires.

“At Blueline Ventures, we view each acquisition as a unique opportunity to partner with talented management teams and drive meaningful growth,” said Bo McMahon, Fund Manager. “By focusing on small to mid-size businesses and adopting a long-term investment horizon, we are confident in our ability to generate value and build enduring partnerships that stand the test of time.”

Blueline Ventures invites potential accredited investors and business owners to learn more about BLV Fund 1 and the opportunities it presents for long-term growth and partnership at


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