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KLH Hyderabad Wins Top Honors at CSI-AWARDS 2024 and Cyber Security Conference

Hyderabad 02nd July: KLH Aziz Nagar Campus is delighted to announce its recent accolades received at the ICCSCP & CSI-AWARDS 2024, organized by the Computer Society of India (CSI), Hyderabad Chapter. In collaboration with the Department of IT & Communication, Government of Telangana, the CSI Hyderabad Chapter successfully hosted the one-day International Conference on Cyber Security Current Perspectives (ICCSCP-2024) during this prestigious event. These accolades represent another milestone for KLH, emphasizing KLH’s excellence in education and Information Technology, reflecting its commitment to academic and societal advancement.

KLH recives CSI Awards 2024 - hyderabad

Dr. A. Ramakrishna, celebrated for his innovative leadership at KLH Hyderabad, was honored with the Best Principal Award. His leadership has significantly fostered cutting-edge IT practices on campus. In addition, Dr. Ramakrishna received the Innovative Research Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to IT research that have propelled both practical and academic advancements in the industry. Dr. M.P Mallesh was bestowed with the Society Outreach Award (Faculty) for his unwavering commitment to enhancing societal impacts through IT community projects and outreach initiatives. Furthermore, Aryue Maan Kumar Chowdhury, a student of Department of ECE was awarded the Startup Award (CSI) for his dynamic role in driving forward IT innovations and contributing robustly to the startup ecosystem.

These awards were presented during the International Conference on Cyber Security Current Perspectives (ICCSCP-2024), emphasizing the crucial role innovative IT solutions play in today’s digital era. Dr. G Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor of KL Deemed to be University, expressed his pride, stating, “It is with immense pride that we celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our KLH faculty and students. These awards reflect our relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to leading in technology and innovation. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all our awardees and am grateful to CSI-Hyderabad for acknowledging our efforts. This recognition will undoubtedly inspire our faculty and students to continue innovating and contributing significantly to society.”

Aryue, a 2024 graduate specializing in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a focus on Data Computing (AI & ML) and the CEO of OSCOWL, shared, ‘I am thrilled to be recognized. My project, an AI-based Flight Controller for Aerial Navigation, garnered attention from the Technical Expert Evaluation Committee at TiHAN IIT Hyderabad, leading to recognition and financial support. My diverse interests in Astrophysics, Data Science, Software Development, Signal Processing, and the engineering education I received at my campus have significantly shaped my approach to solving complex problems and developing cutting-edge solutions.’

This marks the second consecutive year when the CSI-Hyderabad chapter has recognized KLH’s pivotal role in advancing technological and educational frameworks. Last year, the KLH Hyderabad chapter was honored with the CSI Hyderabad Chapter Excellence Awards 2023 for its significant contributions. KL Deemed to be University congratulates all awardees and appreciates their dedication to excellence that continues to raise the University’s profile on both national and international stages.


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