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Pinnacle Industries launches AD-Gen Ambulance

Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive interiors, seating, and speciality vehicles company, has launched its latest advancement in emergency medical transportation: the AD-Gen Ambulance. A semi-premium variant, AD-Gen Ambulance focuses on elevating the standards of the current fleet of ambulances across India with state-of-the-art technology and innovative design elements. This variant can be built and converted on all vehicle platforms.

Exterior AD Gen ambulance

“Our goal with the AD-Gen Ambulance is to provide high-quality yet accessible emergency medical services nationwide,” says Mr. Arihant Mehta, President at Pinnacle Industries. “We recognize that the initial 10-20 minutes following an accident or medical emergency can be the difference between life and death. This ambulance is engineered to optimize response times and enhance patient outcomes.”

Financial constraints also pose a significant barrier to improving the ambulance ecosystem. Shortages in funding limit investments in upgrading ambulance fleets, acquiring advanced medical equipment, and implementing technological innovations that could enhance service delivery and response times.

“Which is why we have introduced the AD-Gen ambulance. It addresses the pressing need for cost-effective yet high-quality medical transportation solutions that meet stringent standards for governments, private healthcare providers NGOs, healthcare centers, residential societies, and commercial workspaces across India.” Mr. Arihant Mehta added.

Design and Performance

In a country where medical emergency transportation often falls short despite rapid advancements in other sectors like food and grocery delivery, the introduction of this semi-premium ambulance underscores a critical need for strengthened healthcare infrastructure. When emergencies strike, especially during the critical ‘golden hour’ following traumatic injuries or severe medical crises, the swift arrival of a well-equipped ambulance can significantly impact outcomes, potentially saving lives.

Speaking about the unique design elements of the AD-Gen Ambulance, Mr. Sachin Deshmukh, Executive Director of Pinnacle Industries, highlighted, “One of the standout features of the AD-Gen ambulance is the complete interior upgrade using Automotive ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), renowned for its impact resistance, thermal insulation, and antibacterial properties. Its single-piece side panels reduce vibrations and noise while minimizing joints to facilitate easier cleaning and disinfection. The material’s chemical resistance ensures durability even when exposed to diverse substances.”

High-strength aluminum rails replace traditional reinforcements, supporting seamless equipment installation without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity. These rails are engineered to withstand 10G loads, further enhancing stability and reducing vibration-related risks. European-standard seats provide comfort and optimized space with their foldable design, complemented by an interior layout designed for emergency efficiency. Unlike conventional Indian ambulances, this vehicle adheres to European standards by accommodating only the patient, a doctor, and either one nurse or family member in the patient’s cabin, eliminating curtains and washbasins for improved hygiene.

Advanced Technological Features

Furthermore, once on-site, majority of ambulances lack adequate onboard medical equipment and technology support to stabilize patients effectively enroute to hospitals. This capability is especially vital in situations like heart attacks, strokes, or severe trauma where immediate medical interventions can prevent further deterioration and improve outcomes. “To address this concern, the AD-Gen ambulance is equipped with advanced life support systems including a defibrillator, ventilator, electric suction pump, and infusion pump, securely fastened yet readily accessible, ensuring swift deployment during critical situations.” Mr. Deshmukh added.

The oxygen cabinet in AD-Gen features a Digital Oxygen System for precise monitoring and programmable alarms. A dedicated drug cabinet enhances the accessibility and protection of medications, minimizing delays and errors during emergencies. Adjustable interior lighting ensures optimal visibility without glare, which is crucial for nighttime operations. Integrated electronic systems in the AD-Gen include a control screen, Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), and Digital Oxygen Delivery System (ODS) control panel for streamlined access to vital signs, communication systems, and navigation tools, reducing distractions for medical personnel. These monitors provide real-time data to paramedics and EMTs, enabling them to assess the patient’s condition and intervene promptly if necessary.

IT infrastructure of AD-Gen includes a rugged tablet with an EMSO App for Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR), GPS, live traffic updates, and attendance management. Additional IT features encompass 4G-based GPS, RFID, VTMS, and NFC tags for comprehensive operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the effective coordination between ambulance services and healthcare facilities ensures seamless transfer of patients, enabling continuity of care from the scene of the incident to specialized treatment at hospitals. This integration is facilitated through communication systems and protocols that streamline information sharing and medical decision-making. The AD-Gen ambulance’s ability to provide rapid response, deliver critical medical interventions, and facilitate timely hospital transfers can make a profound difference in emergency situations, potentially saving lives and mitigating the impact of medical emergencies on individuals and communities.

With a focus on innovation, quality, and reliability, Pinnacle Industries remains committed to advancing healthcare infrastructure through continuous technological advancements and collaborations with healthcare providers and government entities.


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