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Non-Metro Banking Customers Prioritize Insurance and Transparency While Metro Customers Favour Lifestyle Perks: Ujjivan SFB Study

 June 8, 2024

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Banking customers in metros and non-metros increasingly expect complimentary offers and value-added services as part of their premium savings accounts, whereas higher insurance coverage is important in non-metros, as per a survey conducted among premium segment customers. According to a study conducted by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, 42% of non-metro customers are interested in premium savings accounts that offer accidental insurance cover of INR 10 lakhs, while 67% of metro customers are more interested in offers related to shopping and travel. One notable feature that was popular among metro and non-metro customers was complimentary airport lounge access, with 50% of metro customers and 31% of non-metro customers expressing interest.

The survey was conducted across 400+ branches of Ujjivan SFB. In non-metro cities, it was found that 50% of customers expressed concerns over hidden charges and high transaction fees, highlighting the need for transparency in banking services. In contrast, 56% of metro customers were worried about limited offers and promotions on their cards, indicating a desire for tailored perks and exclusive benefits. Lack of value-added services emerged as a common challenge amongst both non-metro (37%) and metro customers (33%).

Commenting on the findings, Mr. Ittira Davis, MD & CEO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, said “It is increasingly becoming important for banks to comprehend the rapidly evolving expectations of customers across different regions to provide personalised premium banking solutions. With evolving banking needs of customers, it is critical to offer relevant and meaningful solutions coupled with unparalleled experiences to resonate with the expectations and preferences of our valued customers. “

Ujjivan SFB recently launched Maxima Savings Account and Business Maxima Current Account to provide premium banking experience for the new and existing customers. The superior features, variety of services and benefits are tailored to meet the financial needs of this diverse customer segment across metros and non-metros. Beyond the conventional banking benefits, the account also provides access to wellness services, exclusive merchant offers, airport lounge access, and a premium health checkup, amongst others.


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