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Introducing the All-new K-pop Korean Chicken Popcorn

Bengaluru, 5th July 2024: Annyeonghaseyo, K-Fans. The newest K-POP idol is here!

The hallyu wave is riding high at KFC, with the launch of K-POP, the all-new Korean Chicken Popcorn. It’s the ultimate finger lickin’ good KFC taste, with a Korean twist.


Inspired by the vibrant and zingy flavours of Korean cuisine, the limited time offering promises to bring the tastes of Korea to the neighborhoods of India. The all-new Korean Chicken Popcorn is the perfect blend of classic Korean ingredients and flavours such as fiery chili, savory soy and the satisfyingly crunchy sesame.

KFC has introduced limited edition packaging inspired by the sights and sounds of Korea in select restaurants as well. The bright and colorful design is filled with cherry blossoms and musical notes which are electrified with a guitar and other musical instruments along with a buzzing disco light, in true K-Pop fashion. The box also adorns Korean architecture, fans, and stylized pink clouds along with funky lettering.

the all-new KFC K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn is available for a limited period of time only in Bangalore and Mumbai. KFC K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn comes in multiple sizes.


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