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EESL Partners with Woman entrepreneur to Boost Energy Efficiency Adoption in Telangana

Telangana, 04th July 2024: Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of public sector undertakings under the Ministry of Power (GoI) has signed an agreement with woman entrepreneur M/s Padma Vadthya from Telangana to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency solutions in the state. The agreement aims to establish retail franchises and make energy-efficient technologies more accessible to the residents of Telangana. This will contribute to India’s efforts in conserving energy and reducing its carbon footprint, thereby helping the nation meet its climate goals

EESL Partners with Woman entrepreneur to Boost Energy Efficiency Adoption in Telangana

By establishing retail franchises with M/s Padma Vadthya, EESL aims to create a network of retail stores that can effectively distribute and promote these solutions to a larger customer base. EESL’s energy efficiency solutions encompass a wide range of products and services designed to optimize energy usage in various sectors, such as lighting, appliances, and buildings. By empowering women entrepreneurs like Padma Vadthya, EESL is creating new avenues for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Animesh Mishra – CGM (Sales & PRCC) said, “EESL is proud to partner with trailblazing woman entrepreneur, who exemplify the potential of women-led businesses in driving sustainable development. By providing these opportunities, we are not only enhancing the economic landscape but also championing gender equality in the business world. It is also a significant step forward in EESL’s mission to transform India into an energy-efficient economy and we believe that women like Mrs. Padma will inspire many others to join the energy efficiency movement.”

The agreement was signed by Shri Ravi Bhukiya (State head for Telangana) in the presence of Mr. Animesh Mishra, CGM (Sales & PRCC), Mr. Adesh Saxena (Retail Head, EESL) and Mr. Nikhelesh Kataria (Cluster Head, EESL). EESL is dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment through various initiatives. These partnerships are a testament to this commitment, providing women with the opportunity to lead and thrive in the energy efficiency sector. The company has also signed an agreement with M/s S. K. Electricals to further enhance the adoption of energy efficiency in the state.

Mrs. Vadhya Padma, a renowned woman entrepreneur from Telangana and owner of M/s Padma Vadthya, has entered into a partnership with EESL to support the establishment of retail franchises for the company. As a leader of a Self-Help Group (SHG), she empowers 50-100 women members who assist her in maintaining lighting infrastructure in Hyderabad. Additionally, her business portfolio includes vehicle hiring services for state government offices in Telangana. Mrs. Padma is the first woman entrepreneur to join hands with EESL across India. This partnership aims to support Telangana State and Central Government initiatives by encouraging women entrepreneurs and fostering enhanced economic growth. This initiative reflects EESL’s commitment to women empowerment, elevating their socio-economic standing for an empowered and inclusive economy.


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