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D2L Sheds Light on Adapting to the Needs of Today’s Learner

Mumbai, 08 July 2024: D2L, creators of D2L Brightspace, a leading learning management system (LMS), successfully concluded its academic roundtable on adapting to the needs of today’s learner. The roundtable gave a platform to the industry leaders, academicians and regulatory bodies to chart a standardized industry-first, solution-oriented roadmap for the future of AI and technology in education. The session focused on several key areas such as the benefits of using LMSs, strategies to increase student engagement, and the need for teachers to accept innovative technologies.

The discussion was led by Dr Prem Das Maheshwari, regional director, South Asia, D2L Corporation and also featured notable speakers including Dr Prashant Gundawar, chief academic officer, Sasmira Group of Institutes, SSIMR; Dr Swati Lodha, director, MET Institute of Management; and Dr Shobhana Vasudevan, principal, R A Podar College.

Speaking about the adoption of the LMS, Dr Prem Das, said, “Training the trainers is going to be the most important task. If any of us start using the LMS first, it has to be the teachers. They need to be convinced of its importance and effectiveness. Only then will it reach the last mile. When we deploy a solution in any university, the major challenge is getting buy-in from the faculty.” He adds, “On September 5, 2020, the UGC introduced regulations stipulating that any institution or university in India seeking to expand fully or partially online must adhere to 27 specific parameters. We undertook a detailed study of these parameters and found that we not only comply 100% with all of them but also exceed them in many respects. Armed with this information, we approached colleges and universities, informing them of our full compliance with the regulations.”

The event began with a discussion centered around the requirement of LMSs in the post-COVID-19 era. It focused on the integration of technology in education and the need for personalized learning. Moderating the event, Dr Prem Das highlighted how D2L became the only international platform to Indian regulators for education.

The discussion also emphasized the crucial role of teachers in technology-driven pedagogy models. It highlighted that technology cannot teach; only teachers can. In this context, integrating technology into teacher education is crucial. The roundtable concluded with an emphasis on the need for education paradigms to create job-ready graduates, thereby effectively bridging the country’s skills gap.

Over the years, D2L has also integrated a competency-based education (CBE) approach, which ensures that each student’s progress is monitored from day one until they graduate. It tracks how students acquire competencies and identifies any gaps in their understanding. Using artificial intelligence, the D2L Brightspace platform specifies topics and subtopics where students struggle to comprehend the content. This allows the teachers to take corrective actions by providing targeted content to those who need it most.


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