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BOULT Introduces CruiseCam, the Ultimate Dashcam for Enhanced Road Safety and Connectivity

New Delhi, June 20, 2024: BOULT, India’s fastest-growing wearable tech brand, is excited to announce its foray into a new category with the launch of the BOULT CruiseCam X1 and X1 GPS. This innovative product is designed to offer superior video quality, advanced safety features, and seamless connectivity for drivers, setting a new standard in vehicle surveillance and safety technology.

As the demand for automobiles increases, so do concerns for safety among customers. Government norms and advanced innovations are driving the automotive camera market in India. This growth highlights a collective move towards enhanced safety measures on India’s unpredictable roads.

CuriseCam KV

In line with its category expansion strategy, BOULT recently ventured into the soundbar market and is now introducing the CruiseCam X1 Series in the automotive sector. The BOULT DashCam X1 Series promises to revolutionise the way drivers monitor and record their journeys.

The CruiseCam X1 series boasts a stunning 1080p Full HD resolution, ensuring that every detail on the road is captured with crystal-clear clarity. Equipped with a 2 Megapixel sensor, the DashCam performs exceptionally well in all lighting conditions, providing high-quality footage day or night.

Exclusively available on the X1 GPS model, the DashCam includes GPS logging capabilities. This feature allows drivers to track their vehicle’s location and speed, offering crucial data for navigation and incident reporting. The 170° ultra wide-angle lens significantly reduces blind spots by covering more of the road, ensuring comprehensive recording from all angles.

Seamless connectivity is a hallmark of the CruiseCam and through WiFi, users can connect the DashCam to their smartphones and utilise the dedicated app for a host of features. The app offers GPS integration, an organised video gallery, WiFi direct streaming, and easy access to recorded events, ensuring that drivers always remain connected and in control.

Safety is paramount, and BOULT’s new innovation excels with its collision detection feature, powered by a built-in G Sensor. This sensor automatically detects collisions and triggers emergency video recording, safeguarding critical evidence during accidents. The DashCam’s robust aluminium alloy body ensures durability, withstanding the rigours of daily driving.

Designed for flexibility, the Dashcam features an innovative 360° rotational design. This allows drivers to adjust the camera angle effortlessly, ensuring optimal recording from any position. Additionally, the DashCam is equipped with an in-built super capacitor instead of traditional lithium batteries, enhancing durability and performance, particularly in extreme temperatures.

Speaking on BOULT’s entry into the dashCam industry, Varun Gupta, Co-Founder, BOULT, said, “Keeping in line with our broader vision of creating customer-centric connected devices, BOULT has made significant strides over the past years. With the recent addition of home audio & now Auto Tech products to our portfolio, we are moving closer to our objective of creating integrated ecosystems, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The CruiseCam series, featuring high-definition video, advanced safety functionalities, and intuitive connectivity, exemplifies this commitment, making it an essential tool for every driver.”

With these advanced features, the CruiseCam is ready to set new standards in vehicle surveillance and safety technology, offering drivers enhanced security and peace of mind on the road.


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