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Beaconstac becomes Uniqode: A Platform Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital World

Bangalore, June 21, 2024:— Beaconstac, a leading QR Code-based solution provider, unveiled its new identity and brand name – Uniqode. The decision to rebrand reflects the company’s evolution beyond its original beacon technology roots. It underscores the company’s vision to seamlessly connect the physical and digital realms by revolutionizing customer engagement.


 Uniqode’s distinctive digital codes will empower businesses to create a dynamic “phygital” experience. By bridging the gap between in-person interactions (IRL) and online engagements (URL), Uniqode ensures that brands can engage with their audience precisely when and where it matters. These unique codes resonate with consumers, enabling seamless transitions from physical to digital and vice versa.

 Mr. Sharat Portharaju, Co-Founder & CEO of Uniqode, emphasizes that the rebranding represents more than an update—it’s a declaration of intent. “We’re Uniqode, and we’re here to connect the planet, one unique code at a time. The company’s commitment to rewriting the rules of connection will create meaningful experiences for both businesses and consumers.”

 While Uniqode serves a global clientele, its presence in India holds special significance. Co-Founder and CTO, Mr. Ravi Pratap explains, “Sharat and I are both based in India, and 80% of our employees work here. Uniqode’s homegrown narrative resonates with local talent and potential investors. As the team expands, Uniqode aims to attract top talent and foster strategic partnerships within the Indian market. This local focus aligns seamlessly with the company’s global vision.”

 Uniqode’s QR Codes have led to impressive success stories across various industries. With a focus on hospitality, consumer goods, retail, and real estate, its technology has made a significant impact. For instance, Lionsgate, a major entertainment company, experienced over 12,000 interactions through personalized QR Codes. These codes enhanced viewer engagement with their content, resulting in increased viewership and interest in their movies and shows. Similarly, Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce platform, recorded over 2 million scans on their TV ads using Uniqode’s QR Code technology. This drove significant traffic to their online store and boosted purchases. In a short span of time, Uniqode has proven effective in enhancing customer engagement, tracking user interactions, and driving substantial business outcomes.

 Uniqode’s rebranding follows a year of remarkable achievements. In January 2023, the company secured $25 million in a Series A funding round—an investment that has fueled expansion and innovation.

 With over 50,000 businesses relying on Uniqode for QR code-based interactions, the platform has successfully collaborated with prestigious brands such as Pepsi, Revlon, Amazon, Deloitte Digital, Nestle, Toyota, WWF, Marriott, and The New York Times.


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