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1 (T) Armoured Squadron NCC, Secunderabad Group NCC Cadets Celebrated International Yoga Day.

Secunderabad, June 24, 2024 : The Schools and colleges affiliated with 1(T) Armoured Squadron NCC, Secunderabad enthusiastically celebrated International Yoga Day witnessed 150 cadets participating in a well-organized yoga camp at different places. The event commenced with an inaugural ceremony led by Col Vaibhav Gupta, the Officer Commanding of 1(T) Armd Sqn NCC. Cadets, CTOs, and PI staff gathered in open spaces, adorned in comfortable attire, ready to embrace the ancient practice of yoga. Col Gupta emphasized the importance of yoga in maintaining physical and mental well-being. Awareness sessions were conducted, highlighting the benefits of yoga, including stress reduction, improved flexibility, and enhanced concentration.


The celebration fostered unity and harmony among students and faculty. Yoga transcended cultural and linguistic boundaries, bringing everyone together. As the sun rose, participants engaged in a collective meditation session, focusing on inner peace and mindfulness. The event concluded with a pledge to continue practicing yoga regularly.

Col Gupta expressed his gratitude to the NCC cadets and educational institutions for their active participation. The celebration of International Yoga Day served as a reminder that physical fitness and mental well-being are essential for a balanced life, and the Schools and colleges affiliated with 1T Armoured Squadron NCC embraced this ethos wholeheartedly. Following the invigorating yoga session, the cadets were treated to refreshing and nourishing refreshments. The distribution of snacks and beverages provided a delightful conclusion to the celebration, allowing everyone to replenish their energy and share camaraderie.


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