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Commonwealth Health ACO Starts Women’s CVD Prevention

Commonwealth Health ACO Starts Women’s CVD Prevention

Jacksonville, FL, March 21, 2024 –-Commonwealth Health ACO of Arizona is proud to be first in the nation to launch a women’s heart health and cardiovascular disease prevention program at the Premier Mountain Healthcare Clinic in Pinetop Show Low, Arizona. Led by Primary Care Physician Dr. Elizabeth Bierer and her staff, the new program is onboarding patients into the Adesso Clinical Program which also includes MyAdesso™, a patient app that empowers and educates women to work with their Primary Care Provider to achieve maximum health benefits.

Adesso, the groundbreaking software solution for women’s heart health and cardiac prevention developed by Heart-Tech Health, and its partner LAUNCH by FLAACOs, a prominent healthcare solutions provider, worked with Commonwealth and Premier Mountain to integrate the software. They are targeting a cohort of patients and setting goals for improved value-based outcomes through the course of the pilot project. This strategic alliance will ultimately revolutionize women’s cardiac care, elevate health outcomes, and reduce long-term healthcare costs for women nationwide.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, CEO and Founder of Heart-Tech Health, expressed her enthusiasm for the first launch in Arizona, stating, “This is a dream come true. Thanks to Dr. Bierer and her staff, as well as Commonwealth CEO Lance Donderbrook, women in a rural area are now receiving preventative cardiovascular treatment without having to travel four hours to the nearest cardiologist. I’m forever grateful for Mr. Donderbrook’s relentless commitment in seeking every opportunity to improve patient care and medical outcomes and the effort of LAUNCH by FLAACOs in helping bring this all together. Over the next few months we will be able to track progress, improve the clinic’s HCC benchmarks, reduce specialist visits and improve access to care.”

Adesso is a revolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) suite designed to identify cardiac risk at an earlier stage. Developed by Dr. Steinbaum, one of the nation’s leading preventative cardiologists, Adesso offers a proprietary, comprehensive risk assessment and personalized health and wellness programs that are fully insured. These programs aim to improve access to care for all women, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve.

Adesso features a suite of powerful tools and services, including the Adesso Heart Score™ enabling women to discover their heart risk, and My Adesso™ facilitating the creation and tracking of their personalized prevention journey. This platform encourages compliance, tracks behavioral changes, and facilitates remote patient monitoring. For healthcare providers, the Adesso Clinical Portal offers an efficient way to track data, ensuring better outcomes and behavior change with their patients through a medically validated personalized prevention strategy.

“The Adesso team has offered us incredible support while working within our busy and demanding schedule,” said Dr. Bierer. “We love the ability to offer this to our women patients. Our staff is energized and patients are coming for their testing, expressing such delight and determination in avoiding CVD risk and to improve their overall health. This program aligns perfectly with our mission as primary care providers which is to promote wellness and improve the health of our patients.”

Jeff Cohen, CEO of LAUNCH, praised this initiative saying it will set the stage for rapid expansion of these offerings across ACO health networks. “Commonwealth Health, Lance and Dr. Bierer were the perfect partners for this pilot. They were committed from day 1 to make this work. It speaks so highly of medical professionals who look for new solutions that will improve patient outcomes. Our collaboration with Adesso has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our collective goal is reducing the long-term cost of care, while keeping people healthy and enabling them to lead prosperous lives. This initiative has already begun to yield results and we are just getting started.”

According to Donderbook, our patient population urgently needs solutions that improve access to care and reduces costs. “We worked with the Adesso team and Dr. Bierer to identify a cohort of eligible patients. This population incurred enormous costs last year, including an average of 18 specialist visits. We believe that we can cut that number in half with the Adesso program, bringing savings to the entire ACO. By keeping women in treatment with their Primary Care Providers throughout the program, the clinic increases revenue, women are healthier, and their risk of CVD will decline all while helping us meet our REACH mandates.”


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